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Providing his flare and feel to several different restaurants in the greater Birmingham area and producing award-winning sauces and seasonings that put his food over the top, Chef Nick Carpenter is constantly pushing the envelope of what food can be. 

From classic BBQ at Porky's Pride, to unique items on his Tuff Love Provisions food truck, original cold treats at ICE-C's, and new takes on the sandwiches we all love at Nicky's Sammie Shack. Nick does it all, and he does it well!

Utilizing his love for food and his unique style Nick has also created T.L. Snacks which includes different items such as beef jerky and pork rinds. Fusing fun and flavorful combos to make your taste buds go crazy!


So, whether you grab something to go at one of his food trucks, stop into one of his restaurants, snag a bag of jerky, or have him cater your next event, you will not be disappointed with Tuff Love!

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